Emergency Action: Don’t let Auburn NY become the toxic wasewater capital of NYS

This WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7 at 6PM at AUBURN CITY HALL, City Council is scheduled to vote to reverse its ban on gas drilling wastewater.

Emboldened by the recent election of two fellow Republicans, Auburn City Councilor Matt Smith is proposing to rescind Auburn’s ban on accepting wastewater into its sewage treatment plant. This could overturn the landmark decision that we fought so hard for this spring. It is absolutely imperative that people show up and make calls to persuade the new city council to stop this from happening. Remind them that companies like Talisman and Anshutz were delivering their wastewater with pollutant levels that consistently exceeded the plants own regulations.

Here are three things you can do to help us stop them from making a grave error for New York State:

1.) Show up at Auburn City Hall, 24 South Street, Auburn on Wed., March 7, 2012 at 6pm to request that they Maintain the Ban.

Don’t let Auburn become the toxic gas drilling wastewater capital of New York State

2.) Call or e-mail the Auburn City Council and ask them to MAINTAIN THE BAN!

Councilor Matt Smith – Phone: 315-252-8489; Email: Councilor.Smith@auburnny.gov Councilor Pete Ruzicka – Phone: 315-234-7950; Email: Councilor.Ruzicka@auburnny.gov

Councilor John Camardo – 315-252-7537; Email: Councilor.Camardo@auburnny.gov

Councilor Bill Graney – 315-730-0130; Email: Councilor.Graney@auburnny.gov

Mayor Mike Quill – 315-253-4371; Email: mayorquill@auburnny.gov

3.) Vote “No” on The Citizen poll question, “Should the Auburn City Council repeal the ban on treating natural gas drilling wastewater at the city’s sewage plant?”

The Citizen poll

As New York municipalities and communities are trying to place protections against the abuses associated with natural gas drilling, One Auburn City Councilor is inviting gas drillers to bring their toxic waste into our community with open arms. The resolution must not be overturned until DEC has adopted a Final SGEIS and EPA has adopted “categorical” pretreatment standards to safeguard Auburn.  To allow gas drilling wastewater dumping without these regulatory protections in-place would be premature and irresponsible.

Thank you for your vigilance. We hope to see you on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 6pm at Auburn City Hall.

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2 Responses to Emergency Action: Don’t let Auburn NY become the toxic wasewater capital of NYS

  1. marr says:

    fracking comes to united kingdom ! approved unfortuntely…but the people have the last say not governments….this is democracy,if local people gther togther it can be stoppped !and camp on these sites or protest on them daily….,nationally in u.s there are anti fracking people groups in all states join up,use your car’s to travel to all fracking areas and deliver black and white photocopies to homes,cheap ink from second hand photocopy machines……! by delivering messages copy’s to doors b + w people can then email congress to ban this ! gather locals from these messages printed to refer them to your websites nationally……

  2. marr says:

    the fact is fracking is illegal industrialisation of the natural enviornment………,destroying the earth’s rock layers….destruction is illegal in bible its satan ! supposidly what the u.s government was build on and around the bible….what if the earth is alive? look at climate change the effect that has had…..,fracturing rocks,fracking is destructive……thus illegal….say what they like this is law…

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